• Welcome to Uganda.

    A country with fantastic natural scenery and a rich mosaic of tribes and cultures,voted best destination for 2012 by Lonely PlanetTalk to usLearn More
  • The Pearl of Africa.

    Travelling through Uganda, you'll be captivated by its beauty, safety, accessibility and friendliness.Talk to usLearn More
  • A country gifted by nature.

    The natural beauty of its people and its landscapes are outstanding. Its an untamed place blessed with abundance of wildlife and floral & faunaTalk to usLearn More
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Safari Activities

You can never do a safari without activity being involved because activities make up a safari. Activities you will most likely encounter.

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Safari DestinationsOne major way to experience Uganda's untamed beauty is by exploring Uganda's National Parks

Queen Elizabeth National Park

It's Uganda's most popular savanna reserve with a variety of habitats that including grassland savanna, forests, wetlands & lakes


Bwindi Forest National Park

Bwindi Forest is the best place in uganda to track mountain gorillas. Its a birdwatcher's paradise too.


Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

Its an alternative destination to bwindi for gorilla tracking in Uganda and its part of the virunga Mountains.


Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls offers excellent wildlife viewing. Most big safari animals are easily seen including 4 of the big five.


Lake Mburo National Park

This scenic little park close to Kampala is home to several species no easily seen else where in Uganda.


Kibale Forest National Park

Kibale is the best place for chimp trekking in uganda with 13 species of primate recorded in the park.


Semiliki National Park

Semili is mainly of interest to birdwatchers. It includes an impresive checklist which include many bird species.


Kidepo Valley National Park

This park is a true wilderness for the adventurers and has excellent wildlife viewing during the dry season.


National ParksOne Major Way to Expirience Uganda's Beauty is by exploring Uganda's National Parks.


Get a $250 Discount On Your Next Safari

Travel in the months of April May and November and save USD 250  on gorilla permits that would be sold at USD 600 during the other months of the year.


Expirience Uganda

Traveling can be an important part of our lives. Apicture may facinate you but seeing the wonders of the world throught your own eyes will leave you spell bound. No amount of education will prepare you for what you will see when you travel for seeing is believing.

What Our Customers Said

  • I'd wanted to see the gorillas for years. When I finally did, we went in the southern sector of the Bwindi forest and it was superb. Strenuous climbing up and down mountains, but worth every single step! imageRobin YGulu Uganda
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Latest From the Blog

Planning a Gorilla Safari

Written by Kizito Bernard  /  Published on Thursday, 16 April 2015

Because there are few habituated Gorillas living here (gorillas that have been trained to withstand human presence and not likely to attack), actually the time offered to see them is limited and so are the permits which currently are offered at a cost of $500 per individual. The official price for a gorilla permit in Uganda is $600 per person (2015). Only in April, May and November 2015 the Uganda Wildlife Authority offers a discount of $250 making the gorilla permit $350 per person. The tracking date must fall within the months April, May or November itself to qualify for this discount.


Welcome to uganda an untamed place where sunrises & sunsets come together in an adventure