About Virgin World Safaris

Discovering Uganda’s most hidden treasures and popular tourist sites takes more than experienced safari experts and guides. At Virgin World Safaris that is exactly what we are about. We offer a diversity of tour and safari services ranging from the famous gorilla tracking, Chimpanzee trekking, mountain climbing, tours at the source of the Nile, bird watching, water rafting, city tours—yes we shall take you on a guided tour of the original seven hills that make up Kampala city. We also arrange tours to Uganda’s diverse historical sites that span across the country and take you into the virgin unseen sites including museums, religious and cultural spots.

That’s not all. We are also here to promote school tourism and so we offer special tour packages to schools across the country. With Virgin World Safaris you will get cost effective services that suites your taste and budget. Come and be part of this exciting and magnificent adventure. The endless sights and scenes of Uganda and its wonderland are all yours to explore and we shall help you achieve that. At Virgin World Safaris, we also operate a fleet of four-wheel vehicles which can withstand any terrains. They are also designed for your optimal comfort and safety, making your travels with us as pleasurable as possible.